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Schia Mitchell Sinclair MNIMH RCST


I run occasional talks and workshops, usually on the subject of herbal medicine or natural health.  This is a list of those I have currently planned.  If you are interested in being kept informed of future events, please do send me your email below.  I don't send emails that frequently and I never share information with anyone else.

I am planning to run some further webinars with Satyam Yoga Centre this Spring.  Further details will be posted as they are planned.  If you have any suggestions/requests for webinars, do get in touch!

In the meantime recordings of two of the webinars that I ran in November 2020 are ongoingly available from the Satyam Website.  Details are below along with the link to book.

  • STAYING HEALTHY THROUGH THE WINTER - The focus of this webinar is on how to keep ourselves healthy and how to ensure that our immune systems stays in top condition.  In this talk, I take you through some simple strategies to give your immune system a fighting chance this winter.  I cover:
  • Lifestyle tips that will keep you healthier
  • Herbs you can use to keep your immune system strong and
  • Some herbal preparations you can make yourself at home that you can use to both prevent and treat ill health over the winter season.

Pre-recorded, available on demand.  £5.  Booking via Satyam Yoga Centre here.

  • HERBAL FIRST AID - Would you like to know about some natural alternatives you can use to treat cuts, bruises and other minor first aid incidents at home? There are so many herbs that can be used before we need to reach for pharmaceuticals.  I would love to inspire you to try out some new ways of doing things.  In this talk I cover:
  • My 'go to' herbs – the ones that I like to always have around to deal with my own family's needs – as well as some extras that can be useful substitutes
  • The beneficial herbs in your garden or kitchen that you may not be aware of and
  • A quick run through of a few specific first aid situations and what you could use for each one.

Pre-recorded, available on demand.  £5.  Booking via Satyam Yoga Centre here.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

If you would be interested in being informed of any future courses, talks or events, please send me your email address. I do not share information with anyone else.


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