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Schia Mitchell Sinclair MSc MNIMH MBCSTA

Booking appointments online

20 October 2020

I'm very excited to be able to start taking online bookings.  It means that you will be able to book an appointment with me whenever it occurs to you and you won't need to wait until I am around to answer a call or an email.  How it works is outlined below.


Click on a link to book an appointment

Links on both my website and facebook page will bring you through to Fresha's system for appointment booking.


Choose a location

You can choose to see me on Monday in Satyam Yoga Centre or Tuesday/Thursday at my home.  Bear in mind that, as a result of the covid situation, I am currently practising from a shed at the end of my garden on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   Online appointments can happen any day.


Choose  a service

Select whether you would like herbal medicine or craniosacral therapy and whether online or in person.  If you are not clear what you need, why don't you book in for a FREE 15 minute phone chat where you can give me an outline of the issue and I can advise what might be most appropriate?


Choose a date

Once you have chosen a date, Fresha will let you know if there are any slots available then.  If not, you carry on until you find a date that has a time that suits you and select that.


Fill in your details and confirm

Fresha will ask for some basic details.  The minimum you need to fill in is your name and email or mobile number so that I can get in contact.  
You will also need to give Fresha details of a credit or debit card.  This is not charged at the time of booking but rather held as a means of confirming booking.  When you come for your appointment you have the choice of paying with that card or using a different method.


Satyam Yoga Centre
& Ditton Walk


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Phone: 01223 411199                    
Mobile: 07941 944974