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Schia Mitchell Sinclair MSc MNIMH MBCSTA

Special Offer on Craniosacral therapy

30 November 2020

This has been quite a year!  And now we are preparing for an unusual Christmas.  Craniosacral therapy is great for helping the whole system to relax and revitalise.  If you feel that you need a break, some help to bring your nervous system down from fight or flight, maybe this offer is for you!   I'm offering £15 off one hour Craniosacral therapy sessions booked at Satyam Yoga Centre on Mondays in the run up to Christmas. Give your nervous system a rest, enjoy the deep relaxation brought about by this gentle therapy and feel the benefits afterwards.  To access this offer follow the steps below:


Click on the link below to book an appointment

This will bring you through to Fresha, the online appointment booking system that I use.


Choose a location

This offer is only available at Satyam Yoga Centre so you will need to select '2-4 Hawthorn Way'


Choose  a service and book!

Select 'Pre Christmas Special Offer' and you will be taken through to choose a date.  I only work in Satyam on Mondays so you will need to forward through the dates to find a Monday that suits you.  Once you have selected a time and date you will then have the opportunity to book.

This offer expires on December 22nd!


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